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Drive Elements

Your specialist for gearing technology

We offer a wide range of plastic gears, drive components and gear assemblies.

Our products are used wherever reliability, comfort, top quality, and the finest precision are essential.

From standardized gears to specialized solutions such as low-noise hybrid gears, we offer a wide range of gear types: spur and helical gears, bevel gears, worm and ring gears, toothed belt and chain gears, toothed segments, crown gears, threaded spindles and spindle nuts, eccentric gears, and optional metal inserts. We also supply fully assembled gear units, including spur, planetary, and bevel gears.

Our comprehensive service ranges from expert advice, computer-aided design, and development to the production of precision injection molds and series parts. We take care of all the necessary process steps, including measuring and testing procedures, to ensure maximum accuracy, minimum tolerances, the highest possible number of compartments, and optimum cost-effectiveness.

In order to meet the growing challenges in terms of operating temperatures, power density and noise reduction, we are increasingly using high-performance plastics in addition to a wide range of standard materials.