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About us

Mast Kunststoffe

Our company

Mast Kunststoffe was founded in 1960 by Franz Mast as a plastics processing company in a young industry.

Today, Mast Kunststoffe stands for precision and reliability, modernity and tradition, striving for innovation and many years of know-how, dynamism in changing markets and consistency, highly motivated young, dynamic employees striving for progress, and experienced experts. These are pairings that complement and harmonize perfectly after more than fifty years of company history.

We seek challenges, strive to make good things even better, and make precise things even more precise. We like to be measured against others and always have our customers in mind.

Throughout our journey, we have carved a niche for ourselves in demanding areas, evolving into a specialist supplier of tool-bound gearing and drive elements made of plastic. Our recent growth is a testament to the global demand for our products, and our ability to consistently deliver solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.